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     I had difficulty sleeping the night I had this dream - probably, the fact I needed to wake early the next morning, and had a long, long list of errands with about 150 miles to drive to get them done. I woke up several times during the night - which is probably why I remembered the following dream segment:

     I remember walking through the aisle of a restaurant. There was a counter with seats on my left as I passed through, and tables along windows on my right. I have the impression that it was at the intersection of Rt. 176 & Milwaukee Ave., in Libertyville, IL, in the strip mall there, where a restaurant was a long time ago, at the Rt. 176 end. I had a pair of boots with me, to change footwear. I was wearing light colored clothing, but black boots. I wanted to change into the light tan boots, so it would match better. I passed through the restaurant, then out the far door at the Rt. 176 end, into an enclosed entranceway. I walked a few feet to the side in the foyer, so I wouldn't be quite so obvious as I switched footwear. I became aware, though, that someone had followed me out of the restaurant.

     I turned to see who it was, and got a shock - it was my ex - the sick, twisted, vicious, abusive, slickly manipulative woman (mother of my poor molested daughter) who had done so many terrible things against us, and still does so. In fear, I shouted, "Get the hell away from me!" She stopped in place, turned and looked at a couple of people who were passing into the restaurant behind her, then moved back to the entrance door. She opened it halfway, then shouted at me as if in fear, exactly what I'd just said - "Get the hell away from me!" - and, quickly went in through the door.

     There was another dream snippet which happened right after that - related, but not connected:

     I was sitting at a table in an outdoor-patio-style area of the same restaurant, with a couple of people. The person across the table from me was a friend who had invited me to come join them. The person next to me (on my side of the table) was someone my friend knew - a martial arts master. After a few moments, I told them what had happened with [my ex] in the entranceway. I then made the comment to the martial arts guy, "Talk about negative energy(!),..." He got up and left, and I wasn't sure why.

     It was at that point that the dream topic perusal ended, and my dreaming went on the other things. This segment, and the intensity of the emotions it embodied had enough significance that I remembered it. I realized that what happened there - the trickery of shouting with the door opened, as vs. my gut response against an aggressor, was exactly what she'd done to get her way when she was first letting the psychopath abuse my daughter - arranging things, to make it seems that I was the aggressor - and, I was too honest and lacking in manipulative skills to obstruct it or even see it coming.

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