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Thank you, & God Bless!
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Information about this website & its visitors, and useful things, etc.
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Miscellaneous information about this site.
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A collection of links & descriptions of resources which might be interesting or useful to visitors. Currently, the set of links aims at Parapsychology research, or at being of assistance to anyone facing a crisis involving Justice & Rights. Primary focus of the family-crisis-related links, is regarding Fathers & Children, since those are the primary (usually ignored, abandoned, and denigrated) victims of current neo-fascist forces active in our world today.
Most Recent Update: 02-07-02
Forums List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
These are forums whose subject matter are topics regarding spirit, spirituality, the nature and mechanisms of God, etc. They are all hosted via my account at In these forums, you can get email notifications of responses to messages you post, make your own polls, and preview a whole thread of messages at once! All are nondenominational, so all are welcome - please participate! Thank you.
NOTE: "Most Recent Update" regarding Forums (only) refers to changes in Start Page contents, Presentation format, or Message-filing Folders system.
"revfordham's" BBS

This BBS covers a lot of philosophical ground in terms of topics of discussion. Better than me seeking to describe it here, would be for you to go check it out & see what it contains.
Most Recent Update: 04-12-02
"Global Recovery" BBS

This BBS seeks a "Common Ground" amongst the multitudinous variations of the "12-step" Recovery programs. It contains separate Areas for A.A., N.A., & S.A., a common "Foundations" Area, and a "Topics" Area. I hope you'll be pleased!
Most Recent Update: 04-12-02

The subject matter of this forum is events, issues, and coping strategies relating to maintaining the Spirit.
Most Recent Update: 12-03-01

The subject matter of this forum is prayers. Its focus is meant to be nondenominational; non-creed; focused on prayer, not on methodologies. For the purpose of discussions in this forum, a prayer may be defined as any attempt at communicating with or enhancing connection with a spirit or entity which may be considered as a potential or actual "Higher Power". As such, topics for discussion at this forum might include: Requests for prayers, discussions about prayer methods, discussions about prayer "targets", polls about prayers & praying, true stories about prayer, etc.
Most Recent Update: 12-03-01

The subject matter of this forum is Angelic Spirits. For the purpose of discussions in this forum, an Angelic Spirit may be defined as any spirit or entity which has as its purpose of presence the task of affecting the state of spirit of at least one person. Some possible questions and topics for discussion might include: What are they, how many kinds are there, how do we contact them, what can they do, true stories involving them, etc.
Most Recent Update: 01-16-02
Spiritual Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
Dissertations regarding spirit and spirituality - the nature and mechanisms of God, as per this ministry. NOTE: For the sake of quality (as vs. quantity), as of 01-01-02, these will no longer be created on a scheduled basis with a weekly deadline to meet. They will be written and set out for the world as the spirit teaches me and then moves me. Notification of any new "sermons" will be posted on the "Updates"page at this website, and at the "ULC Reverend Fordham" Forum.
This examines an insight regarding the nature and extent of the human "energy body".
Original Creation Date: 03-12-02
This rather short sermon examines the process of searching for God within oneself, as per a fundamental insight regarding that process.
Original Creation Date: 03-10-02
This document will maintain a list of all the Mantras presented at this website.
Original Creation Date: 01-28-02      Most Recent Update: 02-12-02
This examines the concept of chanting, to establish a fundamental understanding of what it is, and the beginning of a terminology for talking about it.
Original Creation Date: 01-17-02
This examines the concept of chanting from an ethical standpoint, seeking to determine whether it's okay with God for us to chant.
Original Creation Date: 02-08-02
This examines environmental adaptation and migration, and provides an introduction to morphic field theory. It examines how these might apply to (and in doing so, help define) life-forms, spirits, and meta-creatures. It's an attempt toward a sythesis of a definition of the larger situational context we all exist within, via a multi-disciplinary frame of reference.
Original Creation Date: 08-08-01      Most Recent Update: 01-30-02
This mulls over Prayers, Angels, and Miracles - what they are, the way they are related to each other, and how the commonality found relates to the human condition.
Original Creation Date: 12-30-01
This mulls over time as a human phenomenon, avatars, God, & Jesus Christ. An analogy is created, regarding a mountain and ribbons being unrolled - people and avatars below, with an overseer above.
Original Creation Date: 12-23-01
This mulls over morality and methods of spiritual growth. Some tools of ruminaton used are elementals, divines, humans, and God(s).
Original Creation Date: 12-16-01
The topic of this is the concept of prayer: What is it - how can we define it? How can we do it? How does it work?
Original Creation Date: 12-09-01      Most Recent Update: 01-16-02
The topic of this is the concept of soul: What is it - how can we define it? Is it strictly a human attribute, or does it apply to animals?
Original Creation Date: 12-02-01
The topic of this is the quality of life: What is it, what defines it, & how to enhance it?
Original Creation Date: 11-25-01
The topic of this is the concept of donations to this ministry; why & how.
Original Creation Date: 11-18-01      Most Recent Update: 11-26-01
The topic of this is the concept of a "12 Step program", and some of how it relates to spirituality, God, and making life better.
Original Creation Date: 11-11-01
Parapsychology Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
Dissertations written from the perspective of parapsychology. Some of the primary areas of rumination involve telepathy, telekinesis, precogniton & clairvoyance, biology, biochemistry, electromechanics, morphic fields, UFO's, aliens, dreams, intuition, evolution, earth science, & ecology.
A commentary examining the possibility of having psychic communication between individuals via dreams.
Original Creation Date: 03-07-01
A commentary exploring the interrelationship(s) between inertia and entropy, using the reported behavior of "flying saucers" as a ruminational reference tool.
Original Creation Date: 03-20-01
A commentary examining some of the evidence from reports of about an alien race commonly referred to as the "Grays", and the potential conclusions which can be drawn from that evidence.
Original Creation Date: 03-21-01
A commentary exploring a possible malfunction (defense mechanism?) of the psyche interfering with controlled communication via dreams.
Original Creation Date: 03-19-01
A commentary examining the course of our evolution as affected by modern trends.
Original Creation Date: 03-23-01
A commentary examining how an individual can evolve.
Original Creation Date: 03-28-01
A very short commentary about Parapsychology.
Original Creation Date: 03-03-01      Most Recent Update: 07-30-01
Society Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
Dissertations written about events & conditions affecting the state of spirit, the welfare of families & society, and the experience of life.
This is a "wake-up call" - a warning, to fathers and society in general, about what is to come if current conditions and trends continue.
Original Creation Date: 02-07-02
An examination of the evolution and methods of feminazi propaganda.
Original Creation Date: 01-20-02
A commentary exploring the illness of contempt toward men, which has become epidemic in females throughout the industrialized world via the efforts of what are commonly referred to as "feminazis".
Graciously provided by the "NEED JUSTICE" website. MRU there, was : 08-29-01
A commentary exploring one aspect of the distortions of logic which have been promoted by what are commonly called, "feminazis", and how ordinary people support the propagation of it.
Graciously provided by the "NEED JUSTICE" website. MRU there, was : 09-04-01
Dreams Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
RUMINATORY DREAMS, listed alphabetically
Descriptions of ruminatory dreams; i.e., dreams which don't
summarize trends of life, but instead mull over sets of conditions and relationships.
A ruminatory dream snippet about a brief encounter with a woman in uniform, and what she said.
Original Creation Date: 02-14-02
A dream about a girl never met while awake, in a place which only vaguely resembling actual places from memory,...
Original Creation Date: 03-05-01
A ruminatory (?) dream account regarding a dream I had many years ago, where I was faced with a choice between one species or the other to become my spirit guide(s).
Original Posting Date: 06-08-01
A dream which used the setting of the same restaurant at two different points of the dream.
Original Creation Date: 04-04-01
The topics in this dream (at minimum) include understanding & then breaking the pattern of detrimental habituation, domestic interactions, covert beneficent societies, telepathy, telekinesis, and alien life-forms.
Original Creation Date: 07-27-98      Most Recent Update: 02-02-02
A ruminatory dream which focused on the nature of an ex, and people's reactions to her.
Graciously provided by the "NEED JUSTICE" website. MRU there, was : 10-03-01
A dream of unprecedented (for me) communication and cooperation between the conscious and subconscious minds.
Original Creation Date: 1997      Most Recent Update: 02-02-02
A ruminatory dream about being abducted by a UFO and managing to escape - and, what was seen during the escape.
Original Creation Date: 12-04-01
A ruminatory (?) dream about confronting the psychopath as he's on the verge of abusing Eileen again - interfering with the course of his violence.
Graciously provided by the "NEED JUSTICE" website. Written : 02-11-02
SUMMATIONAL DREAMS, listed chronologically
Descriptions of summational dreams; i.e., dreams which do
summarize trends of life, instead of merely mulling over sets of conditions and relationships.
A dream summarizing a place in the sequence of life - where the dreamer's been lately, what's happening now, & what the results will most likely be.
Original Creation Date: 02-05-01      Most Recent Update: 12-13-01
A summational dream concerning state of life, goals, actions, and the continuing danger to the well-being of the dreamer's daughter.
Graciously provided by the "NEED JUSTICE" website. MRU there, was : 05-20-01
Lyric Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
Documents containing works of lyric verse & music.
Original Creation Date: 08-19-00      Most Recent Update: 01-23-02
A song about being jilted by a mentally ill wife.
Original Creation Date: 06-21-01      Most Recent Update: 01-16-02
A song with a devotional feel, focused on the event of rain.
Original Creation Date: 12-31-01
Lyric verse of unusual format, about the state of society.
Original Creation Date: 12-06-01
Art Documents List include : "ULC Reverend Fordham" website
Documents in the category of digital Art.
This document discusses my acquisition of a Vivitar Vivicam 10 digital camera. It also contains correspondences between me and Vivitar, as I attempt to figure it out (no user manual available).
Original Creation Date: 04-03-02
"JLF Digital Photo Art"
This document contains thumbnail images which link to the full-size copies being stored at this website.
Original Creation Date: 05-05-02      Most Recent Update: 05-09-02
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